Nathan Brewer offers private voice lessons, piano lessons, and Musical Theatre coaching in New York City and in Princeton, NJ.

“Nathan is the most phenomenal teacher I have ever had. He creates a calm and supportive environment, and he is so encouraging! Nathan has truly changed my life and he is one of those unforgettable people with whom I hope to keep in touch throughout my life.” —Kristen Kozma

“Nathan appreciates every student for who they are, and tailors his teaching according to each student’s capabilities. Nathan demands hard work, but makes each lesson fun. Consequently, his students work with enthusiasm and diligence. Taking lessons with Nathan was a fulfilling experience for our grandchild.” —Carolyn Stewart

“Nathan inspires his students with creative teaching methods, and always makes it fun! Under Nathan’s instruction, I’ve watched my daughter grow into a confident performer.” —Carol Eliasen

“Nathan is incredibly talented and he is a brilliant teacher. He is supportive and encouraging, and his enthusiasm shines through in every lesson. Our daughter has blossomed under his tutelage, and she looks forward to her lessons with joy and anticipation. We are blessed that our daughter has been given the opportunity to work with him.” —Laura and George Kozma

“Nathan instills his students with a sense of pride and self-assurance. Our hope is that many students will have positive experiences that our daughter has enjoyed under Nathan’s guidance.” —Claudia Toltzis